Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fly Like an Eagle

People say humans can't fly.... but in my opinion, we fly fast!

Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush. Rush.

I feel like that's what we're always trying to do.

"The goal today is to be productive, stay busy, and get things DONE."
--- I know i'm guilty of having this attitude.

Although it is important to not get lazy and to yes, be productive--sometimes it's okay to stand still. To pause and smell the fresh spring flowers. To take a deep breath. To hear the birds chirp. To STOP.

It rained a lot this last week. Needless to say it was very common to see the average student with their hood up, speed racing down the sidewalks trying to dodge every rain drop that was splashing down. Just picture Flick, on A Bug's Life and you've got the right idea.

{It's like these aggies didn't know what to do with rain.... because for once it wasn't snow!}

Umbrellas were everywhere and couples were snuggling close trying to get out of the rain as fast as possible.

Me? No umbrella, no rain-boots, and no boy. Surprising, right!?.... (ahem. the "no rain-boots" part... not the "no boy" part.. :/ From all the shoes I have, you think I would own a pair of rain-boots)

Well, during this chaos, I caught myself doing the same thing as the other students. Trying to get OUT of the rain. And me, being who I am, not ever really wanting to conform to the bandwagon, decided to STOP.

My tweet for that day?

"Don't run from the rain,
but instead take a moment to stand in it.

I got soaked! {And to be honest, I probably wouldn't have stopped if I had actually gotten really ready that day} It felt so good to have water dripping from the ends of my hair and see the blurry drops that were on my glasses. I felt clean, pure, and I felt like I was LIVING.

Too often we run around like headless chickens. STOP THAT and do something new. Change it up a bit! Do something you normally wouldn't.

TAKE CHANCES. Live a little. Is your heart racing? Is your stomach full of butterflies? Good!!!!!!!
I used to try to avoid these sensations and avoid change because I didn't know how to handle them. They made me feel unstable and insecure.

But guess what? These are called LIVING. Experience it. As often as you can.

This last week I've done things that a year ago I would have never thought I would be brave enough to do. It's been a rush and I've felt my heart beat more than I have in months. It's been fun and I've been happy. :) <--- see that smile? It's here to stay.

Meet new people. Laugh for no reason. Eat too much chocolate. Kiss often. Cry a lot. Live some days in the clouds. Dream. And rub it off on others.

Feel too much. Because no one falls in love with a robot.

{only in movies - I do have to admit, I had a slight crush on C3PO but -secret- he's not real.}
Now not only do humans fly, but time flies.

A year ago I was preparing for graduation. What? I feel like that was yesterday. Ever since I've graduated, time has zoomed past in just a wink. Just a split second! Just an episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway"! {which is returning in July, btw!!!!!} Time is gone, just like that!

Time never went by this fast before graduation. I was always waiting for the future. Nope, not anymore. Just close your eyes and it's here before you know it.

I leave on my mission in 90 days. When I got my call it was 120ish days... Oh boy.

Lately I've been thinking of things that I want to accomplish before I die. And I've become scared because I'm wondering if I'll have time to accomplish it all. And here I was a year ago thinking that I would just spend all my later-days in a rocking chair being bored.


But when I say it that way, it sounds like we should be running around like headless chickens.

Balance. ----We need to slow down in order for time to last longer. -----

Make sense? Good! Because i'm still confused.....

I guess "Live in the moment" +"YOLO" = what i'm trying to say.....

Life is great, and there is so much to enjoy and to experience. Get out there and do it and make every minute of your time worth while.

Sincerely, Megs


  • As a shout out to my high school friends out there. Refer to the title.. ahaha bald eagle.
  • SHOUT-OUT to my dear, lovely, beautiful friend Chakell!! I love this girl so much and I'm so grateful that twitter originally brought us so close :) Really though... we chit-chat through tweets cause we rarely get to see each other. But this girl is ALWAYS there when I need someone. She is so in tune with the spirit and she has answered many prayers. Thank you.
  • SHOUT-OUT to my new friend, Sam! We also have a funny way that we just recently met. And he probably (or "probs" as a translation for my roommates ;) ) won't even read this anyway.. but I feel like I've known this kid for years.. but NOPE. Just weeks. He's awesome.
  • SHOUT-OUT to my Georgia man, Kyle! It was great being able to see him this week when he came to Utah. Good luck in Ghana! See you in 2 1/2! Guys, missionaries are amazing.

HAVE A GOOD DAY, stand in the rain.

Sincerely, Meg


  1. Dude. It's time for me to start reading your blog! That was beautiful!

  2. Um....crying at your shout out to me! Thank you my dear! You are simply amazing and I don't know what I would do without you! Thank you for always listening to me and being such a great example to me! I love you so much! xoxoxox <3